National government based resources

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). "Protecting human health, safeguarding the natural environment – air, water and land – upon which life depends."

Environmental Protection Agency: Surf Your Watershed.

U.S. Department of Agriculture: Farm Service Agency (FSA). The mission of the Farm Service Agency (FSA) is to stabilize farm income, help farmers conserve land and water resources, provide credit to new or disadvantaged farmers and ranchers, and help farm operations recover from the effects of disaster.

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). "The Natural Resources Conservation Service provides leadership in a partnership effort to help people conserve, maintain, and improve our natural resources and environment."

National Science Foundation (NSF). NSF’s mission is "to promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; and to secure the national defense." This project is funded by a grant from NSF, through the Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI) Program."The CCLI program seeks to improve the quality of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education for all students, based on research concerning the needs and opportunities that exist and effective ways to address them. It targets activities affecting learning environments, course content, curricula, and educational practices, with the aim of contributing to the relevant research base."

USDA Forest Service. "Caring for the land and serving people." The purpose of th Forest Service is "to make sure that America’s forests and grasslands are in the healthiest condition they can be; and to see to it that you have lots of opportunities to use, enjoy, and care for the lands and waters that sustain us all."

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. The Mission of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is "working with others to conserve, protect and enhance fish, wildlife, and plants and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people."

United States Geological Survey. (USGS) National Water Quality Assessment (NAWQProgram) Scientists in this program collect and interpret data about water chemistry, hydrology, land use, stream habitat, and aquatic life.

State government based resources

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) This state department maintains and preserved the 116 state parks, manages the 2.1 million acres of state forest land; provides information on the state’s ecological and geological resources; establishes community conservation projects with grants and technical assistance to benefit rivers, trails, greenways, local parks and recreation, region heritage parks, open spaces and natural areas.

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) DEP’s mission is "to protect Pennsylvania’s air, land and water from pollution and to provide for the health and safety of its citizens through a cleaner environment. We will work as partners and with individuals, organizations, governments and businesses to prevent pollution and restore our natural resources."

Pennsylvania Fish and Boat commission The mission of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat commission is "to provide fishing and boating opportunities through the protection and management of aquatic resources."

Private resources

Allegheny College Recipient of 2001 NSF-CCLI Grant: "Adaption and inplementation of a watershed model: The French Creek Watershed Research Program at Allegheny College"

Center for Economic and Environmental Development (CEED) A non-profit organization that "engages Allegheny College students, faculty and the community in creating innovative approaches to environmental stewardship, environmental education and regional revitalization."

Central & Western New York Chapter of The Nature Conservancy"The Nature Conservancy mission is to identify and preserve the best remaining examples of plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and water they need to survive"

Crawford County Conservation District. Their mission is to "protect, conserve, and restore the natural resources of the county for present and future generations by actively seeking resources and partnerships to achiever these goals through voluntary cooperation."

Creek Connections. - A partnership between Allegheny College and regional K-12 schools in Northwest Pennsylvania, Southwest New York and the Pittsburgh area, emphasizing an investigation of local waterways, involving hands-on, and inquiry based natural science education.

French Creek Project. - A non-profit organization whose vision of French Creek is "A healthy French Creek will be the heart of a community and economic renaissance where development and land use activities occur in such a fashion as to protect environmental features and enhance our quality of life. The French Creek Project works with landowners, farmers, business leaders, local government officials, scientists, conservationists, sportsmen, and educators to help preserve French Creek."

French Creek Conservation Plan.
A science-based watershed conservation plan for the French Creek watershed, partially funding by Pennsylvania DCNR’s Keystone Rivers Program and developed by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and the French Creek Project.

Meadville Community Energy Project (MCEP). MCEP is "a nonprofit, community organization based at Allegheny College since 1997, we are students, business people, local government officials, property owners, renters, faculty, and other community members working to eliminate the needless waste of energy in Meadville. By keeping our money in the community, rather than sending it to large energy companies beyond our borders, we stimulate our local economy, improve social equity, and benefit the natural environment."

National Woodland Owners Association (NWOA). A nationwide organization made up of non-industrial private woodland owners, whose "purpose is to develop policy, legislation and representation at the national level as one unified voice as well as provide educational and networking opportunities to landowners throughout the country." NWOA works with all organizations to promote non-industrial forestry and the best interests of woodland owners.

The Nature Conservancy. "Saving the Last Great Places on Earth" "The Nature Conservancy's mission is to preserve the plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive."

Nature Tourism in Northwest Pennsylvania Ecotours or Nature tours of northwest Pennsylvania include biking, camping, canoeing and other activities. Presented through a collaborative effort between Crawford County Convention & Visitors Bureau and Allegheny College Center for Economic & Environmental Development.

New York Forest Owners Association (NYFOA). "Facilitating landowners and the public in making decisions for the best use of forests."

Pennsylvania Environmental Council. Their mission statement says "The Pennsylvania Environmental Council improves quality of life for all Pennsylvanians by enhancing the Commonwealth's natural and built environments by integrating advocacy, education and implementation of community and regional action projects. The Council values reasoned and long-term approaches that include the interests of all stakeholders to accomplish its goals."

The Pennsylvania Forestry Association (PFA). "The Pennsylvania Forestry Association is a broad-based citizens group providing sound forest management advice to its members and promoting wise stewardship of all forest resources for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania."

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy "Saving the places we care about." The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy works toward "Assuring the Preservation of the Places We Care About," by connecting people and communities to nature.